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  Peace Learning at Yaese Town War Ruins Park
(Nunumachi Cave)
"Life is a treasure"

 There is a cave called "Nunumachigama" which has been maintained as a war ruins park in Aragusuku, Yaese Town.
It was used as the Aragusuku Branch of the 24th Division 1st Field Hospital during the Battle of Okinawa, and around the end of May, about 1,000 wounded soldiers were accommodated here. Five Shiraume students were dispatched to take care of wounded soldiers and assisted in nursing.On June 3, about 500 severely wounded soldiers were treated (suicided by potassium cyanide, etc.) under the closure order.
 A guide will enter the cave with children and tell them about the tragedy of the wounded soldiers, the dedication of the Shiraume students, and "Nuchidutakara"(Life is a treasure).

 We must convey the reality of the Battle of Okinawa.

 Yaese Town War Ruins Park (Nunumachi Cave) Customer
 Please join us on the cave tour!

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〇Entering cave and an expalanation of Battle of Okinawa are
 scheduled for about 60 minutes.
〇Meeting place: Yaese Town War Ruins Park (Nunumachi Cave)
 Address: 2151 Aragusuku, Yaese Town
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